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When asked if I have a favorite destination, I typically dodge the question because I truly love so many destinations, but eventually I fess-up NEW ZEALAND narrowly takes my top spot. It’s an exotic land on the exact opposite side of the globe, that’s filled with an air of simplicity, freedom, beauty, and some of the most charming and friendly people I’ve ever encountered.

I describe the landscape of New Zealand as “condensed beauty.” It’s a relatively small country with nearly the geographic diversity of a continent. Most of all, New Zealand is the land of “let it go.” Its so very peaceful there, it’s the perfect place to be renewed by Mother Nature or even by a shot of adrenaline if you dare!”

New Zealand boasts some of the most diverse and breathtaking landscapes on the planet— you’ll visit majestic mountains, towering fiords, rolling hills, dense rain forests, glacial carved lakes, the rocky coastline, and even a stroll by glaciers all in one trip. New Zealand is where fantasy comes to life and where leisure and adrenaline go hand-in-hand. Relax in thermal pools and enjoy a spa treatment or channel your inner adrenaline junkie by watching or participating in activities from bungee jumping to white water rafting.

Our WALLSabout™ adventure also delves into the cosmopolitan. Discover the cities of Auckland, Christchurch, and Queenstown, while visiting an award winning wineries and exceptional restaurants along the way.

About WALLSaboutTM Journeys

WALLSabout Journeys™ are carefully crafted luxury travel itineraries that are hosted by hand-picked local guides. Each trip is scouted and curated by our founder, Benjamin Walls to provide an ideal in-depth experience of various destinations and includes extraordinary accommodations, custom sightseeing tours, private transportation, most (if not all) meals, domestic airfare, and friendly personal service before and during the trip. "I utilize the tenacity I have developed as an artist to curate our WALLSabout™ itineraries. I omit countless 'good' experiences so I can offer an itinerary that is truly special. For me, it's about not settling for less than exceptional." —Benjamin Walls, Founder of WALLSabout™ Travel

Benjamin's #1 Piece of Travel Advice

Plan ahead! For most destinations you should begin planning your trip 12 - 18 months in advance. Save money by planning ahead & taking advantage of our early booking rates. A small deposit will hold your place on these exclusive trips.

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We’re a friendly bunch & we are confident that a 10 minute phone call with us will yield more useful information than you’ll ever find online. In fact, if we aren’t the perfect fit for you, we’ll help you find someone who is!

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Benjamin Walls


Benjamin Walls is the Founder and CEO of WALLSabout™ Luxury Travel. His passion for connecting people to the natural world began when he was just a kid, spending time with his father exploring the Appalachian Mountains that he still calls home. WALLSabout™ is a way for Benjamin to share the natural world with people first hand by taking them to remote destinations around the world. His mission is to connect people to the world around us, while highlighting an ever present need to preserve it.

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Steve Arklay

Program Director

Steve “Fro” Arklay is the Program Director for WALLSabout™ Luxury Travel. Steve resides in Barwon Heads, Australia with his beautiful wife, daughter, and son. He met Benjamin years ago while working at Copper Mountain in Colorado and they’ve been lifelong friends since. Steve has spent the last five years traversing the plains of Africa with WALLSabout™, and is an expert in all things safari. His goal on every adventure is to make you feel completely at home halfway around the world.

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Every Journey Begins With the First Step

Schedule a call with a travel professional to see if WALLSaboutTM is a good fit for you. If our vision doesn’t align with yours, we’ll help you find someone that will.

Be the first to know about upcoming itineraries, new trips & more!

Be the first to know about upcoming itineraries, new trips & more!